• The Road Goes On Forever

    Recently, I have been teaching my daughter how to drive.  For the most part, this involves me riding shotgun as she wears the pavement thin on the low traffic side streets near our home.  She’s done well.  I like to think she would say the same of me.  

    My daughter was part of a package deal when I married my wife, so I missed out on first words, first steps, and all the others firsts you get to enjoy when they are younger and haven’t caught onto you yet.  It feels good to be needed.  To be given the benefit of the doubt with the genuine assumption that, in fact, you actually might know what you are talking about.  Even when you hope their are no follow-up questions. 

    To borrow a phrase, it is as if our little car rides provide us with a bubble in which we enjoy the “suspension of disbelief” - I no longer disbelieve she thinks she can act that way and she no longer disbelieves I am really that big of a dork.  Your basic father-teenage daughter dynamic.

    So consider yourself warned.  Kylie and I are out on the road, sharing a moment.  And I plan on enjoying it for as long as it lasts.  Or as she would say, “Until I finally turn sixteen….”

  • Rough Translation: “Preet is Tracta for a Gangsta.”  Check out the Kanye cameo.

  • The Runners - Short Film

  • "Worry is misspent imagination."
    - Oscar Wilde
  • Brilliant via Vice

  • Trey Paker & Matt Stone @ NYU

    This has been out for awhile, but I always come back to the part about how to move a story forward.  Great Stuff

  • I’m friends with the monster under my bed.
    — Just caught this line in the new Eminem.  Brilliant.  An entire character description in one line.
  • Eagle Festival

  • Lou

    "I really disliked school.  Disliked groups.  Disliked authority.   I was made for Rock-n-Roll."

  • Peter Beard, Photographer.


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  • Jim Kelly, 1946 - 2013

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